MUSAFIR*(ηδες) /مسافرین آمدند / جاء المسافر – Events for the integration and the coexistence
*Musafir: traveller /المسافرین – Μουσαφίρης (greek – mousafiris): guest/ الضیوف

EURICCA partner MESO Events (Greece) presents a series of artistic events and performances aiming at bringing together Greek and refugee populations in an experiment of coexistence and cooperation.

Starting with culture and art, a vehicle for meeting people of different origins and cultures, a privileged place for exchanging emotions, experiences and memory, the second edition of MUSAFIR(ηδες) seek ways and actions to build bonds and relationships between people. We focus on the need for association and integration, but also on the way in which refugees, by joining our societies, can transform and enrich our everyday lives.

MUSAFIR(ηδες) / مسافرین آمدند / جاء المسافر


Saturday 11 August 2018 at 9:00 pm: The Table of Memory and Desires, Performance

Participants: Ibrahim Karimi Arab, Mahdi Dehgani, Mohammad Eshag, Bismillah Hakimi, Mohammad Mahdi Hussaini, Abas Khezli, Waris Miakhel, Ebadinia Parniz, Sadea Saeed, Hamid Tajk

Sunday August 12, 2018 at 9.00 pm شنبه 8102 ژوئن 01 / السبت

Concert with Afghans, Iranians, Syrians, Indians, Spaniards, Palestinian and Greek Musicians

Seyed Ahvar Hosseini, Seyed Hamse Hosseini, Seyed Hamse Hosseini, Seyed Taha Hosseini, Danial Hosuinzudeh, Gazian Singh, Balwinder Singh, Dishant Singh, Pawan Jassal, Ibrahim Karimi Arab, SadeaSaeed, Mahdi Dehgani, Papadakis, Kythia Voukouvalidou, Zacharioudakis, Aleikantros .

Entrance: Free

Venue: Open air at the Pedion tou Areos park (Field of Mars).

The event is organized in collaboration with the Attica Region and the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Education, and is held under the auspices of the National Assembly of the Hellenic Republic.

The University of Djagora (Senegal), the University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland – UK) and the European Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education aims to renew the events under the Global Initiative for Cultural and Social Inclusion.

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