About us



EURICCA: an innovative approach connecting Theory to Practice

Representing wide networks with complementary expertise, knowledge, skills and competencies and after years of cooperation between all of them, EURICCA initiative aims to initially connect the selection of their interrelated actions,
different expertise and complementary networks.  Aiming to combine theory to practice the goal is to create new coalitions as to strengthen cultural, educational and business activities related to the Cultural Sector.

Initiative’s main innovation is the comprehensive approach which will be promoted: “creative ecosystem: people, economy, places, policies” tool. The creative ecosystem is a basic analytical tool that enables a comprehensive view
of the creative industries and its local environment. It matches the cultural and economic frameworks (creative class, culture and leisure, creative economy) with the spatial framework (built environment, community social interactions, spatial positioning).

The Scope of EURICCA is to connect Vocational Educational & Training, Entrepreneurship, Market Needs and Stakeholders of the European Cultural Sector in order to strengthen EU Cultural sector capacities and facilitate access to global markets at national level through new partnerships, exchange of know-how, control of piracy and increase international solidarity of every kind.

Aims and objectives

1. As an European and international non-profit- organization working in any artistic, cultural and educational field, the general aim of the organization is, an a non exhaustive way:

–  to create a European cluster model for Cultural and Creative industries
–  to develop a European Cultural Cluster ecosystem
–  to generate innovating training paths and entrepreneurial solutions
–  to produce appropriate mechanisms to map the wider cultural sector in Europe
–  to connect partners and social actors in a think tank for cultural sector innovation and sustainable development, along      with experts from the areas of cultural creativity, education, VET sector, entrepreneurship as well as EU, national and      regional policy makers.

2. To this end the Organization shall:

–  ensure close co-operation between its effective members and associate members, co-ordinate and assist their efforts      with a view to reach their common objectives
–  study issues of common concern to them
–  ensure that information concerning national and international activities of the Association and its members, their ideas      and experience, is distributed as widely as possible
–  facilitate exchanges between members
–  organize local, regional and national activities of an international character
–  create a European common Matrix of events and a common virtual platform
–  co-operate with European and international organizations
–  represent its members and their common interests within European and international organizations and institutions,

3. The Organization aims to work and cooperate with all local, regional and national organizations or associations which work on similar or complementary aims to create and develop cluster models for Cultural and Creative Industries.