Women and Girls Go Digital

We are pleased to announce you the we will attend the conference jointly organized by the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Ministry of Interior’s Greek General Secretariat for Gender Equality and the European Centre for Women and Technology. ECWT in cooperation with National and European Stakeholder on the 4th of April, 2014 will demonstrate the link between e-Skills, Gender Diversity and ICT as a key factor for economic growth based on the creation of digital jobs. See more at

CulturePolis annouces membership with EURICCA

Culturepolis is very pleased to announce the admission of CulturePolis NGO as a member in the European collaborative initiative EURICCA : “The European Organization for Research and Innovation for Cultural Clusters. CulturePolis will offer central secretariat support and expertise in European programs to EURICCA, featuring executives that will be hosted in collaborative offices in Athens. In addition CulturePolis president Dr. Vasileios Laopodis was appointed as an effective member of EURICCA. See more at

Partnership with Music2deal: the Global Music Community

After the Memorandum of Understanding with MESO Events, the European Music Day Association and the European Center for Women and Technology, here comes another partnership for EURICCA network with the Global Music Community of Music2deal.com What is Music2Deal? Music2Deal is the community & marketplace for the international music industry, where labels, musicians, managers, producers and everybody that works in this industry can meet & deal with music. In difference to Facebook or LinkedIn, Music2Deal is a closed B2B community and every single registration is checked by local representatives who are presenting an area (country) of Music2Deal. However, the main difference to those communities is that Music2Deal is not only specifically for networking.…

News from the European Music Day Association Network

15 Years of European Music Day in Greece (published by Meso Music Events – Greece) It all started from our passion for the arts and particularly music. We always had many ideas but all were connected with our passion for Music. One of these became reality in 1998: the creation of the Greek European Music Day network (EMD). The first contact with the audiences was achieved on the 21st of June 1999 and from that day until today, the love and the impact of the public was and is great, boosting the event as one of the greatest musical institutions of the country. The NPO MESO was created to support…

The Music Cluster Project

Project Initiative: To create a Contact Point for all professions of the European Music Cluster network for internal and external partner inquires and provide with basic network secretarial services in order to support: networking activities and information flow among the members Access to professional communities for best practices: extract, validate, edit, publish Share practices and success stories emerging from individual and networked Clusters Management innovation actions Project aims at identifying local partners to build up regional Music Clusters and at connecting Vocational Educational & Training, Entrepreneurship, Market Needs and Stakeholders of the European Music Sector to support: Exchange of know-how Share services to increase national an international solidarity of every…