ECWT commiting to active involvement in EURICCA

ECWT commiting to active involvement in EURICCA In recent decades, in the development of European cities, the contribution of culture to economic regeneration is increasingly recognized. The cultural planning for the maintenance and enhancement of cultural resources and the promotion of cultural creation can be used as a driver for economic development and affect different sectors such as tourism, sport, ICT, arts and commerce, while creating dynamic cultural industries. More at   

Support the Voice of Cultural Entrepreneurship

EURICCA seeks to enlarge its pan-European network of Members and Benefactors who are committed, as professionals or volunteers, to the cause of our organisation: the sustainable development of Europe’s cultural and natural legacy for present and future generations. By supporting EURICCA as a Member or a Benefactor, individual members or organisations will contribute actively and financially to our activities and to the growth of Europe’s citizen’s movement in favour of cultural Industries development. MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES 1. Effective members Non founding persons or associations wishing to become effective members shall file and send an application for effective membership to the Executive Board of the association. The Executive Board shall decide on…