The Music Cluster Project

Project Initiative:

To create a Contact Point for all professions of the European Music Cluster network for internal and external partner inquires and provide with basic network secretarial services in order to support:

  • networking activities and information flow among the members
  • Access to professional communities for best practices: extract, validate, edit, publish
  • Share practices and success stories emerging from individual and networked Clusters Management innovation actions


Project aims at identifying local partners to build up regional Music Clusters and at connecting Vocational Educational & Training, Entrepreneurship, Market Needs and Stakeholders of the European Music Sector to support:

  • Exchange of know-how
  • Share services to increase national an international solidarity of every kind
  • Organize economies of scale through new partnerships to facilitate access to markets at national and European level


  • Map European Music Sector (in the wider sense) Clusters
  • Organize a European Music Survey
  • Identify European Music Sector common problems and needs through an pioneering solution that guarantees sustainability, development and growth

Music Cluster